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Halloween Collection 2017

Halloween Collection 2017 Melasdesign Preview
A Partial Preview of Melasdesign Creepiness for 2017 - Read On For Fashion, Home Decor and More!

It's officially Fall, or Autumn if you will. As the days grow shorter, things start getting colorful towards the warm end of the spectrum, and things start getting spooky. It's getting to be my favorite time of year! As is my habit, I go full force into Halloween designs and love every second of it, be it moody and macabre, or light hearted and whimsical. I appreciate both extremes. Halloween holds a special place in my heart, because it's a great time for kids to get to simply be kids. It is an occasion for the imagination to run wild. Is that shadow a ghost, or is my neighbor a wicked witch? Maybe so. Everything is possible on October 31. For the more serious Halloween celebrants, I have created art to adorn your wardrobe at your favorite gathering, or macabre images to decorate your home. Read onwards and enter the Halloween World of Melasdesign.

Complete Melasdesign Halloween Collection 2017

Halloween Dream Town

I'll start things off with a design that serves both as cute Halloween and is also a design from the Dream Series (see my last two blog posts for more Dream Series art): "On a trip to the country we come upon a place with grave warnings of danger and trespass, but a glimpse through the darkness shows a warm glow. The town is awash in twilight and flames of bonfires and crescent moons illuminate the area. It is always Halloween here. We will be welcome." This is about as cute as I ever get, but this is one season where I don't even mind it. The landscape was definitely inspired by trips to West Virginia. You can even see a haunted mine. The dream was so wonderful - the kind where you wake up with a smile. I had to keep it in my head for months until I drew this. I hope the town offers an enjoyable experience for you too!

Halloween Dream Town by Melasdesign

Halloween Dream Town Mug by Melasdesign

Ravens and Crows

The next piece is a product of being a bit of an artwork hoarder. I have many pieces that I make, but don't use. I tend to save them, because there's always a possibility I can made something better out of them when I feel so inspired. That was exactly the case with a lowly raven painting on canvas board that I had done as an experiment in the early 2000's. Fast forward 15+ years later, and it found new life with the help of photo editing software. This piece is a knockout on home decor (best on Society6) and fashion (on RedBubble)! I think it's a knock-out, because it found me doing a little happy dance when I saw it on the products. I am happy to say that was the case for each design this year!

Ravens and Crows by Melasdesign

Ravens and Crows by Melasdesign
Ravens and Crows by Melasdesign

Roses Black Widow

This contrasty graphic was a long time coming and is catching people's eyes from USA to Europe. It started as a photomanipulation with roses, web, and an iron cross ring, all in black and white, again from the early 2000's. A bit of editing and the perfect spider, and the piece gains a whole new life. What do you think? Suitably romantic? ;) Decidedly Victorian. I've turned into a fashion designer!

Skulls Purple Rouge

Since I was so excited about the last artwork, I decided to take the goth inclined Halloween pattern design further. I have a good time telling folks that I've designed skull artwork. This inevitably is met with indifferent and bored reactions. When I show them this, they tend to exclaim something along the lines of surprise and amazement. For me, it's almost like a filagree pattern, but if you look closely, it is made up exclusively of skulls, coffins and bats. I could imagine this in any vampire's den! The notebook is only from RedBubble.

Skulls Purple Rouge by Melasdesign

Skulls Purple Rouge by Melasdesign

Skulls Purple Rouge by Melasdesign

Skull Coffin, Bat

So, this is actually the end product of the acrylic painting that Skull Purple Rouge (see above) was taken from. It's quite the Expressionist celebration of darkness, while actaully being pretty bright. The original painting is available in the Melasdesign Handmade Shop. It's available on all the usual merch on my art-to-product sites, with my favorite items shown. It is available in straight wall art form too. 

Skull Coffin Bat by Melasdesign

Skull Coffin Bat by Melasdesign

Glowing Green Skeleton Dream

Now let's swing the style pendulum back in the direction of cute. Meant to be more humorous than kitschy, it's still on the whimsical side. It's another entry for the Dream Series. "I awake with a shriek as I sense that I am not alone in the room. There are two illuminated skeletons, glowing depression glass green. I am too scared to look, until I realize they are just tricksters. It is Grandma and Granddad popped in for a visit. I laugh." Yes, it happened! 

Glowing Green Skeleton Dream by Melasdesign

Glowing Green Skeleton Dream by Melasdesign

Night Sky in Autumn

Taking a break from ghosts and goblins, here's a celebration of the autumnal night sky, highlighted with Halloween and Fall colors. Full moon Halloweens are always the most atmospheric, but there are plenty with a crescent moon. I was in New Orleans once in October and did actually see a red crescent moon. Very special. This art is for those who celebrate Halloween a bit differently. A midnight moon is a special thing.

Night Sky in Autumn by Melasdesign

Ghosts Emerging

The next haunting pattern was drawn from a painting (see Ghosts and Shadow People). Can you guess what the painting looks like? This design is slightly art-deco in my mind. Makes decidedly gruesome decor, or frightening fashion. See how many spirits you can count! I wanted to design clothing that would go with black and be dark too. After this it's back to bright colors!

Ghosts Emerging by Melasdesign

Ghosts Emerging by Melasdesign

Ghosts Emerging by Melasdesign

Moon Stars Ornate Pattern

As was the case last Halloween, I chose to do some straight pattern work again. The design below is made up of crescent moons and stars. It's a bit damask and definitely complex. A wonderful piece on all home decor and fashion, perfectly suitable for any witch. Journals and iPhones are fun too! A non-Halloween color scheme, for those who need an alternative.

Moon Stars Ornate Pattern by Melasdesign

Ghosts and Shadow People

And now, the final painting from which the "Ghosts Emerging" (see above) is derived. It creeps *me* out when viewed at original size. It is probably the most expressionistic painting I have ever done. Shadow figures turn into ghosts' eye holes, into more shadows....  The original acrylic on gessoed paper is available in the Melasdesign Handmade Shop. It's creepy on the whole range of usual merch, with T's from both stores, scarves and fashion from RedBubble. I am not even going to expand upon how morbid the rug on S6 looks!

Ghosts and Shadow People by Melasdesign

Ghosts and Shadow People by Melasdesign

Ghosts and Shadow People by Melasdesign

Ghost Upholstery

 I edited this variation on "Ghosts and Shadow People" heavily, so there is lots of detail not to visible in small pictures.  Look at as big of a graphic as you can on the shop sites. Even without the eye-glass, this art reminds me so much of a pattern you might have seen a carpetbagger in the time of the Reconstruction use, so I named it "Ghost Upholstery." It's a complete exit from my usual colorful tendencies, but I think the muted color tones also serve to give the pattern a more textile-like feel. Oh, and by the way, the iPhone 10 and 8x cases are available for order on both shop sites!

Ghost Upholstery by Melasdesign

Crescent Moon Stars Pattern

And finally, a reworked version of the pattern posted above. It's so interesting to me how coloration changes the life of a design. This version has much more obvious colors for the Halloween season, and could make a magical top on October 31! Fun as fashion or home decor.

Crescent Moon Stars Pattern by Melasdesign

Okay. That's been a pretty intense few weeks of design. I hope you'll make some of this artwork part of your Halloween celebration! There may be even more to come...... Stay tuned. Have a happy and safe Halloweentime. 

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