Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Art, Paris Accord, Fantasy, Selective Color, and Motivation

Welcome to Summer. After a chilly holiday weekend, now the pools are filled. People are hitting the highways to go to the beach. School is out (or almost!), and everyone's thinking about Summer fun. My palette has made a shift to bright, rainbow colors, for fun Summer clothing and beach towels. 

First up is "Splash." Kids are swimming and the scene around the pool is decidedly bright. I love seeing people enjoying themselves. I decided to try to encapsulate the joy in a drawing, and this is the result. This designs makes up my favorite beach towel design yet, found on S6.

Splash by Susan Phillips Hicks of Melasdesign

Keeping the vivid color scheme, I felt so moved as to create a piece in answer to Trump having the US exit from the Paris Accord. We are dependent on nature for life. He thinks life only has to do with money (and ratings). My idea was to make a design that harkened to the hippie era, with a slogan from then that rings true again: "Love Your Mother." The flowers are entangled with vines in a bunch to represent the entanglement of humans with the ecosystem. 

With Text: RedBubble

Love Your Mother by Susan Phillips Hicks of Melasdesign

Going backwards chronologically, my dear husband, on our anniversary, presented me with so many roses I felt like I had won the Kentucky Derby. I took the opportunity to have a photo shoot. I toned the colors down a bit and went for a more typically commercial style. Sometimes I do that just to remind myself that I *can*, even if I don't usually choose to. So, Sweetie, thank you. I love you beyond all else, even the dog. ;) This is called "Anniversary 8 Fade." 

Anniversary 8 Fade by Susan Phillips Hicks of Melasdesign

Another Summer design is "Spider Eye Mandala," created in 4 eye popping color schemes, plus one painterly piece. My personal favorite is the pink background, but the design has been getting attention across the board. I think it's perfect for textiles. It's more or less a stream of consciousness radial pattern. Kind of psychedelic, but definitely Mela. 

Mandalas: S6 / RedBubble
Spider Eye Splat: S6 / RedBubble

Spider Eye Mandala and Spider Eye Splat by Susan Phillips Hicks of Melasdesign

Spider Eye Mandala and Spider Eye Splat by Susan Phillips Hicks of Melasdesign

Now the latest in my series of monsters: "Zen No Akuma" or Zen Demon. The Kabuki inspired beast guards the spiritual passageway to Mount Fuji. Only true Zen Archers may pass. A crane soars over accompanying the spirit of a past Archer on to the next plane. Such things are best done at sunrise, at this specific arch, which once served as an entrance to a Zen Temple. Only the arch remains, but the past monks spirited the Zen Demon to life to ward away unclean souls. 

Zen No Akuma by Susan Phillips Hicks of Melasdesign

Back even earlier, I created "Pictures of Matchstick Men," mainly as an experiment of new brushes and selective color. 

Pictures of Matchstick Men by Susan Phillips Hicks of Melasdesign

And lastly, it's Summer!!!!! Turn off the TV, computer, and phone, and enjoy each other and life. 

Live Beyond the Screen by Susan Phillips Hicks of Melasdesign
Next month has a little something different in store. Look forward to a series of drawings that explore my life experiences and dreams. The subject matter will definitely be different! Stay tuned, subscribe wwit links in the lefthand column.