Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Cat, Monsters with Stories, Architectural Abstract, and Bold Statements.

It's blog time again. What a month. I had the world's longest case of the flu, followed up by an overpowering sinus infection and antibiotics. It definitely shaped my work this month. I was laggardly in finishing a commission series, but finally had a five day pause in between maladies where I could work at full power. Then I decided to do monsters. This started, because I was having fever nightmares. I decided to combat their ills by making light-hearted monsters of my own. This also ties in to my wish to some day get it together enough to make children's storybook illustrations. This is just an experiment, with general plot lines, but you might as well start trying your hand at your wish somehow, right? So these are what happened with the small amount of energy I had to spare.

The Favorite Cat

The final in my last series of cat portraits. This is Indigo, the sweetheart of the bunch. This closes off the series with tie-in motifs of flowers, and silhouettes. See the last few blog entries for the other cats in the series. 

The Favorite Cat by Melasdesign

This month found me making monsters. I got my hand on some new drawing apps and decided to do something frivolous and full of fantasy. I had always wanted to make monsters and I am a big fan of other monster makers, so it was time. This beastie is a behemoth in the ranks of Godzilla. Even the mountains and storm won't hold him back from making waste of the towering buildings below him. It's what I call "Bad Night," made after a bad night. Read further for more beasties!

Bad Night by Melasdesign

This is "Cathedral Deconstruction." It started as a few brush strokes in black on white paper and ended up as this. The design reminds me of looking straight up at the dome of a cathedral. I wanted this design to be soft and not as bold as my usual work. S6 just put out floor pillows, which was happy timing for this work.

Cathedral Deconstruction by Melasdesign

I've been distressed by how much television, reality television, and dubious news outlets have shaped the behavior of current society in the US. Even the President is relying first and foremost on television shows for policy that could effect the whole world. People seem to be increasingly losing the ability to realize that television. is. not. real. Aside from that, the couch potato phenomenon isn't helping things either. People are giving up their own lives to live vicariously through a fictional other. TVs are babysitters, and an easy way out, rather than real, human, one on one time. So this is my little protest. There are also two other designs on CafePress without the stripes. 

Do More Than Watch TV - Motivation from Melasdesign

Here you have the photomontage "The Rainbow Finder." One afternoon last month there was the most beautiful rainbow to be seen from my home. It lasted and lasted. It occurred to me to get shots of it. Photographing rainbows is hard, and I couldn't use the image as a solo shot, so I made something entirely new using the photos I caught that day. 

Rainbow Finder by Melasdesign

Enter the fearsome Doodlethwumpus. He has been known to slay many a gallant knight in the halls of his medieval castle. He earned his name from the awkward sound he makes when he walks, or more appropriately thwumps around. In all actuality, he's a kind beast, but he doesn't like armor, so most knights are out of luck. This breeds great misperception in the populace, so more and more knights get sent in. Their fate is either to get charred, stabbed, or strangled by the plumes on his tail. He does have a secret though. In the back of his castle is a wondrous garden, with flowers, a pond, and all sorts of colorful animals. The children of the town love to sneak in at night, and it doesn't bother this beast one bit. He quite likes seeing the kids be joyful, and just hopes they don't grow up to wear armor.

The Doodlethwumpus by Melasdesign

I decided to let my imagination run some more with the drawing "Big Bang as Seen From Afar." I wanted to put my own spin on a Dr. Seussish world that's definitely alien. Protozoic shapes make the tops of the stretching trees. Purple land growth extends from the trail of slime left by the drawing's main character. The Lampra is just slugging along as our universe is formed in the distance. All tentacles are extended in surprise with the great blast echoing behind him. The humongous explosion became the stuff of myth in the Lampra culture. There were many stories about alien invaders, but they all got written off as crackpot ravings.

Big Bang as Seen From Afar by Melasdesign

Let me introduce the Bobblegrinder - the latest in my series of imaginary beasties. The Bobblegrinder is a rover on a distant desert planet. Part organic being and part machine, his spiky exterior helps in trekking through the rocky terrain and also serves to defend from oncoming threats. Its single eye surveys the landscape, ever ready to spy any incoming ships to the planet Dingbart. The other residents of the planet are admittedly a bit Zen for aliens, and are known for their beautiful stone stacking in the barren landscape.

The Bobblegrinder by Melasdesign

Finishing off with some protest art. I have been appalled and amazed at the lack of humanity in the GOP leadership, reflected by the ingenious healthcare proposal so bad that even their own party wouldn't back it due to the uproar. Way to go, fellas. I can't wait for the day when you are old and sick and everyone turns their back on you.... but wait!!! That won't happen, because you are filthy rich, and thus impenetrable. I have no words for such a lack of compassion.

Republican Healthcare Proposal by Melasdesign

That was about it for protest this month, because so much bad happened that I couldn't even bring myself to make satirical art out of it (*ahem* [paraphrase] "It's not like Hitler used gas on his own people"....). See the other protest art I had already brought myself to make here