Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring born of Winter

This month's artwork is an observation of the seasons changing, with Spring hitting while the Winter we didn't have much of still tries to hold on with grasping claws. While everyone is raring at the bit for warm weather, I'm wondering why we didn't get more snow here in Alexandria. Suffice to say, I have taken advantage of the good weather with some day trips, dog park visits and even a concert or two. The following encapsulates the active experience and mood of this time. 

Off Season is a digital abstract work which celebrates a recent balmy February (!!) day in Ocean City, Maryland. The rides loom in the distance like the shadow of a distant memory of Summer, but with the thought that the best Summer is yet to come. The beach remains, frequented by more dogs than people, and even in February, kids are allowed to be kids there. It is at once dreamy and typical of Winter light. For me, the Boardwalk is a sentimental place. I look forward to returning when the Ferris Wheel is open, and I get to see kids experiencing the same age old joy. 

Off Season

Off Season, Ocean City, Maryland artwork from Susan Phillips Hicks

For more Ocean City, Maryland, how could I pass up a photo op of the Ocean Gallery landmark on the boardwalk? Once you've seen this place, you never quite forget it. There is lots of art, and barely any room to move. Just like the exterior walls, which are so filled with signage that a bird couldn't even roost. You have to admire the quirky advertising, and confident, affable pronouncements about the product inside. I hear they have their own reality show now too. Sign of the times.

Art That Rocks

Abstract Art from Ocean Gallery in Ocean City by Susan Phillips Hicks

Getting away from abstract and into fantasy, Spring is coming and love will be in the air. The perfect time to finally do justice to a drawing that's been sitting in my drawer for ten years. I call it "The Lovelorn Dragon." I had always wanted to draw my own dragon, and this one seems to have plenty of personality. This was one of those designs where inspiration hit, and it was kind of a one shot deal. As much as I admire fantasy artists, I am not the usual creature maker. This guy just kind of happened without me even expecting it. 

Lovelorn Dragon

Lovelorn Dragon artwork by Susan Phillips Hicks on Society6 and RedBubble merch

Next, it was a dark and stormy night.... So might begin the tale of this image. The huddled masses requested nature and trees, but what with me being a bit macabre at times, I had to make it a spooky tree with a moody storm. I prefer trees in Winter, and the more gnarled, the better. This drawing is reminiscent of recent storms.

Gnarled Tree and Lightning

Silhouette of a bare tree in a storm in drawing by Susan Phillips Hicks of Melasdesign.

At long last, it’s Spring, but there’s still snow on the ground. The flowers are pushing through, but the leaves are bare. So how about a floral pic with a background that still hints at Winter? This art plays with pattern, without being a pattern, and is loosely symmetrical without a mirror image. I decided I'd play around with some more simple forms, echoing the coffee cups and wine glasses of last month's work. 

Cascade Flowers

Flowers in vases in a stylized drawing from Susan Phillips Hicks of Melasdesign.

The last two sets boil down to me taking suitable advantage of my camera at a Caspian gig. I was blown away by their show. The light show was bombastic and a great compliment to the Wall of Beard music. I took a few pics and magicked this up. If you ever get a chance to see them live, do. It's an experience.

Caspian Limelight

Abstract art of Caspian light show from Susan Phillips HIcks of Melasdesign.

Caspian 80s Version

Abstract art of Caspian light show on Society6 and Redbubble merch from Susan Phillips Hicks of Melasdesign.