Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Cats, Political Angst, Neutral Zone and Beauty for It's Own Sake

Here it is, February, and I'm blogging again. I've been busy. It's been a pretty varied month. I've been being pulled in three directions:

Cats Here
Current Events / Political Angst Here
Politics Free Zone Here
and Meaningless Beauty Here

First off, I had some very special kitties to draw. Let me introduce you to Tinkerbell and Cherokee.

Tinkerbell pet portrait   

Cherokee Cat Portrait

These lovely ladies were a joy to draw. For whatever reason, I found myself doing a lot more drawing in Photoshop than in previous portraits. I start in ArtFlow, which is a lovely drawing app for the tablet computer. I also had to bid my 4 year old copy of Photoshop good-bye in favor of Photoshop CC. No, I'm not a fan of cloud based subscription software. I find it money grabbing and somehow slightly evil. ;) And the cloud???? I don't like not having stuff on my own hard drive!!!! That aside, I'm enjoying Photoshop CC. It's nice to have everything working correctly again, because in the end, the old version certainly wasn't! Imagine my surprise when I flattened and saved a PSD to a PNG of the Tinkerbell file, and when I opened the PNG, Photoshop had zapped her whiskers so they were coming out of her eyes, like tears bursting forth. 

If you are interested in a pet portrait of your own, please go to: http://melasdesign.com/shop/4589939505



Then there were things that simply had to be addressed. These things were the direct result of the state of the nation in 2017. I will admit it. I have been stressed, but I know a lot of other people are too. I look at a leader who is dead set on destroying the liberty of many of my friends, neighbors, and people I rely on in everyday life as a customer, not to mention being at the throat of at least 2 demographics I fit into myself. Add to this the fact that I spent a good deal of my college years studying German history and then living in the land that Hitler put through hell, yes, I'm a wee bit angst ridden. The similarities are terrifying.

People are being pitted against one another - people who previously got along just fine. POTUS is acting *completely* illegally in so many ways. I'll stop now, because I could write a book. Let's just boil it down to me trying to handle this how I can: Calling my representatives almost every day, and protesting. 


I made this one, entitled "Unity" in the week of the inauguration in honor of the Women's March on Washington and MLK Day: 


"Alternate Facts"

The first anti-Trump design was inspired by the first thing Trump did in office: He ordered the FDA and the USDA to censor any "outward facing" information, be it study results, evidence of what they are doing, or otherwise. It's *only* the department that regulates safety of food and drugs that we consume for survival.

Alternate Facts

Alternate Facts mug

"We Don't Need That Fascist Groove Thang"

The next design is a more light hearted design with lyrics from the 80's hit by Heaven 17. "Brothers, Sisters, We don't need that fascist groove thang." The words are true today, and then some. 

We don't need that fascist groove thang mug

 We don't need that fascist groove thang tshirt

For more liberal political leanings, check this collection out: http://www.cafepress.com/melasdesign1/14358260

"Dark Matter / Thought Process"

Then my general visual representation of the current state of the nation: 

thought process
Thought Process
dark matter
Dark Matter



Then, there is something else *everyone* could use. I've made a series of designs available on posters, mugs, and t-shirts with the words "Politics Free Zone" - This is in hopes of giving people a peaceful place to meet, where we get along the way we used to, before the general craziness in all camps started. 

Politics Free Zone mug



And lastly, I've tried to squeeze in some plain eye candy in the midst of all the chaos as of late.

"I Love You Letter Punches Abstract"

My husband brought me a set of old letter punches, and I thought they were too visually appealing not to use in some artwork. Please enjoy "I Love You Letter Punches Abstract" and "I Love You Letter Punches Abstract Pink."

I Love You Letter Punches Abstract

I Love You Letter Punches Abstract iphoneI Love You Letter Punches Abstract

"Landscape with Three Trees."

Then, a bit of color joy in a gray season.

Landscape with Three Trees

On Society6 for prints, bedroom, bath, stationery, iphone: https://society6.com/product/landscape-with-three-trees_print?curator=melasdesign 

Landscape with Three Trees

"Signal Blocked."

Signal LostSignal Lost

"Unicorn Found a la Mela."

This is a derivative work of the medieval tapestry "Unicorn Found," as painted in acrylic and photomanipulated by me.

Unicorn Found a la Mela

Unicorn Found a la Mela

"Random Musings"

It's also really fun on beach and hand towels, throw blankets, or just as a print, as composed: https://society6.com/product/unicorn-found-a-la-mela228924_print?curator=melasdesign

Random Musings

The next piece "Random Musings" was inspired by all the graphics I've been seeing on Society6 that feature a grid layout of circles with flat designs in them - no depth, no shadows. My version (in this case only) turned out not to be quite as colorful as the pieces that inspired it.
Random Musings

And last, but not least,

"Santa Fe Sunset" 

My eyes were celebrating as I made this color explosion.

Santa Fe Sunset Fashion Top

Santa Fe Sunset

There you have it. I have more cats in my future and hopefully less turbulent times for all. If you want a little beauty in your life, remember indie artists. Be kind to one another.