Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fashion and Fabric for Valentine's Day and Beyond

The holidays are over, and January has been offering up some seasonal weather, so I've been looking ahead to Valentine's Day for thematic inspiration. In this blog post I'll be spotlighting fabric goods, both commercially printed and handmade, that will have you looking spiffy for lovers' day, or would even be great as gifts. 

Why Valentine's Day? Valentine's Day is a tricky beast. Yes, it has been promoted in modern times as the concoction of a greeting card company. Yes, many things can go wrong and there are risks involved with opening your heart and figuring out whether what you're being offered up is the real deal. Yes, many times the material overshadows the spiritual. Why Valentine's Day? Probably just because I like the form of a "heart" and Valentine's Day seems to be the best time to revel in the joy of that shape. It's also about the only time of the year that I am so moved to voluntarily make anything pink. 

Valentines Day A-line Dress from Melasdesign on RedBubble

Here's my favorite creation of the season from RedBubble on their groovy A-line dresses. You see, my valentines are not precise and flowery. They are expressive and bold. They shout out to the world. They beg to be seen. Their heart is in the right place. 

Valentines Bag from RedBubble by Melasdesign

Then there's this bag from RedBubble for those loving the season, but not dolling up, whose design also looks amazing on home decor (especially a Society6 Duvet or Comforter, or snuggle up with a throw). 

Valentines Top on RedBubble by Melasdesign

Then a more casual approach featuring the heart design in purple on a Contrast Tank from RedBubble

Computer Love Womens Chiffon Top from RedBubble

Finally, in the commercially printed Valentines section, here's the Chiffon Top of "Computer Love" from RedBubble. A subtle hot pink to red ombre lets stripes of painted color pop. Get digital. Get red for February.

Now a little attention to my Etsy shop. As I've veered away from large felting projects, I still had the need to do something with fiber that was less energy intensive. Time for some shibori! I used clamping, stitching, and binding techniques to dye these silk scarves. Most of these scarves are dyed using eco-friendly dyes that don't have heavy metals in them. That purple dye bath sure went a long way! :) 

Shibori by Melasdesign from Etsy

Shibori by Melasdesign from Etsy

Shibori by Melasdesign from Etsy

Shibori by Melasdesign from Etsy
Any boho Clemson fans out there? That's what this reminds me of.... or buddhist monks. Beautiful habotai silk with bound shibori.

Shibori by Melasdesign from Etsy

Grunge scarf and Domino Scarf - shibori dyed, embellished with fabric paints. 


December shower curtain from Society6

And last, but not least, the two stragglers since last time. Get "December" on a shower curtain, or your favorite fashion or even wall art. Also, there's a creepy thing I did to round out the year. A kind of evil eye to help 2017 be better for everyone: "Partly Cloudy with Grey Eyes

Make the best of Valentine's Day, whatever your situation. Not dating? Not attached? Have a warm feast with your besties or snuggle up with your pet. Be thankful for what you do have and put positivity out there. Only positivity will return.