Monday, July 25, 2016

Somewhere, Summertime

Welcome to Summer, folks. It's broiling outside and I am very thankful for the air conditioner ('ave St. Celsius' as my mom used to say). Folks are hitting the beach and enjoying open air festivals. I am staying at home in the AC, as per doctor's orders. Having Myasthenia Gravis is not at all practical if you want to have a social life in the Summer. SO, I've been hunkered down in my humble abode, hoping the AC won't conk out and enjoying the respite of the community's rather large pool. 

Felting has been pushed to the background for the season, and 2D art has taken the major role. And yes, the felting break is also medically necessary, because this felter messed her shoulder up in a big way over the last year. Why am I so short???? ;) Thankfully it can be taken care of with physical therapy only, but it's been quite painful. I haven't been advised to quit altogether, but a break is in due order. I am thankful at these times to be a varied artist who has something to fall back on with which to let the creative juices flow. Enough about me. On to my work. 

One thing I love to participate in are auctions for the animal rescue charity SCAT, Inc. If you are into pet charities, they have an auction coming up soon. Follow their Facebook Page and get in on the bidding. Each pet portrait I create for hire includes at donation to SCAT. My latest pet portrait is "Catrina in the Sink." I had been wanting to do a cat in a sink for a long time, so I was really happy when the client offered such a photo. Now all I need is a cat in a box and I'll have another subject checked off of my bucket list. 

Catrina in the Sink

You may have noticed that I changed my portrait offerings from "cat portraits" to "pet portraits." I have started drawing dogs as well as cats as subjects. This was a big decision on my part, because I am a huge dog lover and was basically afraid that I wouldn't do the beautiful soul of a dog justice in my portrayals. Well, others tell me it's working out, and I have been pretty pleased too. The following are portraits I've done, from my own dog Elsa and her fellow Alexandrian Jack the Rat Terrier to dogs I know by one degree of separation. As far as Hypno Doggie goes, I would probably only do this with my own dog, unless requested. It's pretty tongue in cheek and echoes her frame of mind whenever she sees food. All of these are available in my shops (see left hand column links). What do you think? Leave a comment below.

Hypno Doggie

Hunter the Bashful Vizsla
Jack Dreams of Osprey

That's Quite a Dawg

Then came June, and I was lucky enough to go see one of my Besties in Connecticut. It was the time of the Strawberry Moon Solstice, so I took tablet in hand and jotted this Miroesque design down:
Strawberry Moon Over New Haven
Then I had the stars on the brain. When letting my thoughts wander, this design came to me. A bit mystic, a bit Monty Python.
Meteor Shower

Update 7/27/16: Those designs are all available in my shops, including my new Society6 account, where my drawing Moka Pot Joy was selected to be a featured print!

Lastly, I have done some felting. I have had bubbles on the mind. Each nuno-felted scarf has shibori dyed silk with circles of colored wool. Each is available in my Etsy shop. These scarves are good year round, because the silk used is super lightweight gauze. 

The Meander Scarf

The Bubbles Scarf

Next up: a curly haired dog at the very least, and of course much more! And a big thank you to everyone who has supported me over the past year. I have had customers from all over the US and also the UK, Germany and Australia. With any luck, momentum will keep on building. That's it for now. Until we meet again, stay in touch with my other social media outlets.