Thursday, October 1, 2015

Here Comes Halloween

Welcome one and all to the ghoulish write-up of Mela's Halloween shops! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
....enough of that.
I'd like to introduce you to my efforts for my favorite time of year: Halloween! I have 21 designs total in my RedBubble shop (Melasdesign), and nearly as many on CafePress (Melasdesign1). Each site offers a bit of a different twist on how the designs are printed, and each site has its own unique designs, so both are worth a look. Don't forget to grab a few reusable bags for trick-or-treating. Allow turnaround time when ordering. Now on to the graphics, and their stories.

This pic was the first order of business this year - something a friend had emplored me draw, hearkening back to old witchy kitty drawings on Halloween cards from looooong ago (ie mid-century or earlier). I was going for a cartoonish look that might be remind someone of a Silly Symphony or the like. Cheery and cute, tongue in cheek. I especially like RedBubbles bags and stickers of this one! CafePress's cards, bags (think trick-or-treating!) and stationery are fun.

This drawing can be a little Halloween, a little Day of the Dead. I see folks celebrating both as one festival, so I put stylus to tablet. I figured folks have seen a million sugar skulls by now and wanted to do something a little different. Something for bird watchers and fishermen? My pet parakeet was looking a bit concerned while I was drawing this one. I looked up reference photos on bird skeletons to make sure I wasn't too far of the mark. So, see this as sugar skullish work, or two skeletons resting on a bed of flowers. Either suits my imagination. A black RedBubble t-shirt is just spiffy with this design, or a CafePress lunch bag.

I couldn't quite bring myself to do zombie art, so I followed my traditional values ;) and did a bold monster's hand with plucked, bloodshot eyeball. ...and why shouldn't the thing emit sparks? A little Mela, a little Tesla. Something for fans of eyeball art - a design that's an eency bit shocking.  This is one of my favorites, so I have a hard time recommending a preference, but on RedBubble, the Ts, laptop covers, pillows and wall art are all mighty fine. CafePress prints up rockin' phone covers and drinkware.

This is another design I had been wanting to do for a long time, and it's especially near and dear to my heart. I grew up with stories at family gatherings about the happenings at my great aunts' houses. One aunt had a house where something had a habit of moving a certain plant. At the others' house, an angel statue in the yard would move. The great thing was, everyone took it in stride as far as I could tell. The travel mug on RedBubble is especially fun, and CafePress offers great Ts and sweats.

The notion of this pic wouldn't leave me alone. The rhyme popped into my head, and I just had to do something with it. Know any racing fans, or perpetually speedy drivers? This just might be the one for them. ...because who has ever heard of a witch flying slowly???? CafePress offers mugs and Ts and RedBubble has bewitching bags, Ts, drinkware, and pillows.

And last, but not least, my throwback design of a swarm of rats from India's Karna Mati temple, where the critters are sacred. There it's a year-round thing, but this design seems just right for Halloween. My faves on RedBubble are the stationery and journals. On CafePress, the phone covers really catch my eye.

There are more designs where these are featured, with more photographic shots and designs with skulls and jack-o-lanterns. Whatever you end up doing on the big day, I hope you have a magical time! Know that the ones who've passed are really just around the corner.