Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New - Cat Portraits from Melasdesign

I see that it's been a while since I've posted to this blog. Let me report that I have been very busy! I continue to post to my CafePress shop, and have opened a RedBubble account for a different selection of quality products, including mugs, t-shirts and pencil skirts. It's the place to go for art prints of my work. But that hasn't been all! I'm starting a new venture: I now offer cat portraiture by commission. This can be arranged through my newly designed homepage website! Here are some examples.

What is my process? Well, I start with a photograph of the cat being featured and draw him by hand using my tablet drawing app Artflow Studio. The quality of the picture along with the complexity of the cat's markings are the main factors which help me decide the style I will draw the cat in. 

Once the cat is drawn, I decide on a background, be it plain, patterned or detailed. You can see various examples of different background types in this post. I let the cat's pose help determine what type of background I will choose. I do tend to choose patterned backgrounds for cats that have an animated pose. Cats in a more basic pose, especially if no paws are showing, generally get a more detailed background. Sometimes this background is fantasy. 

Sometimes it is based on the background in the cat's photo. The color of the background is usually meant to compliment the cat's coat color. When picking patterns for the background, I do tend to like wood block type floral designs. Of course other patterns can be done.

I am collecting all of my cat designs and will soon decide which will be featured in a year-end calendar. If I do a portrait for you, it might end up in the running! 

Want to keep up with my cat portraits? I recommend following my Instagram account, Melasdesign. I will post each portrait there and details as to whether it's being offered in my shops.