Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A new series has been posted to Melasdesign ( on CafePress. The designs are fantasy flowers, which were inspired by wood cut / block styles of printed textiles from Asia and India. Above all, the designs were meant to make a bold visual statement and look good as monoprints. Using organic symmetry, loosely drawn, the designs are expressive and impressive. The designs imply a bigger sense of life with central points and tendrils that look almost more animal than plantlike. Is the flower staring at you? Three radial flowers sport three very different constructions.

Printed products range from ladies' apparel to housewares, from stationery to phone covers. Most images stick to black on white, but there are colored t-shirts available for women with the print in white. Mela's favorite items are t-shirts, yoga mats, note cards, pillows, and seat covers. Search out something unique for your lifestyle!

Just added - T-shirts and  more in color! Surf on by!