Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Collection of Vases - Spring 2015

EDIT 9/17: Since this was posted, I have closed my Etsy shop. Please visit for handmade items from Melasdesign. 

Introducing the Melasdesign collection of Vases (which double as vessels and triple as wine cozies) for Spring 2015. Each vase has a glass core, so it does hold water. The felt is sturdy enough to be a vessel on it's own if the glass is not desired. Each vase (but for the first pictured, which is taller) has an opening that measures 3.5 inches and stands 8 inches tall. A variety of materials are used, including Merino, Blue Faced Leicester, Corriedale, Rambouillet Cross and Finn wools, and Silk. Each vase is one of a kind. Vases can be purchased in the Melasdesign Etsy shop:

This collection is a study in color and materials. I was fascinated by the thought that such a basic form could be varied in so many ways. To a great extent, I composed my own color mixtures by making wool batt. It was a great experience seeing just how the different types of wool behaved, creating textures unique to each type. Others were shibori dyed for visual texture,  also a new experience - my "at home" dye process. It was also a lot of fun seeing how colors that were placed over a flat resist gained a life of their own when formed into to the 3D vessel structure.  (Cont'd.) 

Why vases? I wanted to refine my technique for making vessels and wanted the challenge of making a consistent product using the same basic form for each item. I decided to do vases with glass interiors, rather than just plain vessels, for the sheer utilitarianism of the item. A vessel is faced with the limitation that it either works solo, with no contents, or needs to be filled with a solid core of some sort, unless dry materials are used. I thought I would bypass this issue by making felted items that could be used with everything. These vases make great gifts - perfect for a small bouquet or bunch of flowers on Mother's Day - or as a wonderful housewarming gift.